Take Olympus Slots

Take Olympus Slots is a relatively new video slot game pokie from the established casino entertainment software creator Betsoft Gaming. Betsoft takes you on an unforgettable reel-spinning journey among the ancient Greek gods in this epic virtual fruit machine. This casino adventure takes place in a five-by-four-game grid setting with 50 available fixed pay line structures. Read the Take Olympus Slots review to learn more about this Aussie player-friendly reel spinner and its unique Cycle of the Gods gameplay setup.

Use Powerful Gods to Make the Best Out of Your Reel Spinning Sessions

This dardy slot centers around the Cycle of the Gods gameplay element. After every ten reel spins, this gameplay cycle starts again, at which point a new ancient Greek God will reign the slot reels. The available God symbols are Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Each of these gods has a unique power that will affect your Take Olympus Slots reel-spinning sessions. Throughout a gameplay cycle, the active god becomes more powerful. This increase in power leads to a mighty god event at the end of a game cycle. The game will pick random gods for you, and no deity will show up more than once in a row.

Betsoft Gaming Casinos Let You Play This Game in Three Different Ways

Betsoft Gaming-powered casino platforms let you play this slot in three different but equally convenient ways. If you currently don't want to spend any money bets on reel-spinning sessions or have no budget for it, you can use the free fun credits that casinos hand out to players. When you are ready to make some real money bets that, hopefully, provide lucrative credit wins, you can sign up at your casino of choice and make a deposit to get started.

Lastly, Take Olympus Slots is also available as an on-the-go mobile version for when you are out in the bush, in the outback, on a public transport commute, or at any other location that takes you away from your lappy or desktop device. You can then still play the game as long as you have a working mobile internet connection at your location.