Privacy Policy

At Online Casino, your privacy is our main priority.


At Online Casino, your personal information remains personal. We never share this information with 3rd parties; however, if you do contact customer support, we do require you to answer some questions regarding your personal information. This is done in order to verify that we are communicating with the correct person. Therefore, we will generally ask for information like your first and last name, address (both home and email), phone number and also your credit card information. You also might be asked for personal information when trying to access a game, receive a promotion, and carry out a financial transaction. Please note, though, that not all Online Casino web site areas require this kind of information. In addition to personal data, Online Casino collects other type of data to better help serve our players. This information can be anything pertaining to the amount of visitors, the place where they are located, how long they surf the site, which banners or links they have followed to reach the site, the kind of games they like playing, etc. This type of data is collected anonymously and is never associated with any individual person. However, we might gather personal data if you have reached our site through an affiliate so as to be able to produce some kind of compensation for such affiliate.


In accordance with industry practice and norm, we reserve the right to send to your computer permanent cookies when you register your personal information. These cookies contain small-sized files that are sent to your PC's hard drive and they are instrumental in keeping records. Cookies help keep tabs of our players' visits, beginning from tagging which link brought them to our site, advertisements that they showed interest in by clicking, and which games they played. This information helps us identify them when they visit us the following time. Cookies help us keep a record of players' site movements' history and we'll be able to offer them a tailor-made serviced based on that information. As a player, you are not required to store cookies sent from our site or any other site, for that matter. However, if you do not accept our cookies, we hold the rights to refuse access (or just limit it) to our site.


When you register an account at Online Casino, we will use your personal information to create your account, provide you with a unique account number, grant you access to our banking section, give you 24/7 customer service, send you information on related promotions, games and/or products that we believe you might find of interest. We reserve the right to share your information with relevant Online Casino employees and business partners that we work with, for example partners that need information to process a withdrawal or financial transaction. Besides this, we will never disclose your personal information. If we do disclose such data with third parties, it will only be subject to an exclusive agreement on their side not to share or disclose any of your data and to keep it confidential. They will also agree and be bound to use the information only for the intended purposes. In the event of having to perform a reorganization or filing for bankruptcy, we might be in a situation where we must sell our assets. If that is the case, please be aware that by registering an account you agree that your information may also be transferred. In addition, we may need to be in touch with you in these types of cases or to check any financial transactions that need to be verified. We also reserve the right to share personal data to abide by legal regulations and applicable laws, or to enforce our Terms & Conditions.


By registering an account, you fully agree to receive communications from us in any form of mediums, like email, chat, phone and all other current and future channels. These communication notifications can be related to contests, promotions, weekly bonuses, surveys, raffles, and/or general newsletters. We also reserve the right to append tracking and personalized URLs to better track the effectiveness of the campaign. These mechanisms help us determine if you have received our emails. Of course, you may request to stop these messages at any time, just by sending us a mail reading the word "Remove" as part of its subject line. If you choose not to email us, you are also allowed to unsubscribe directly with our customer service team.


Please note that here at Online Casino, we take the business of personal information very seriously, and as such, under no event will we sell, rent or commercially exploit any of your personal data to a third party. Additionally, you control your personal information and retain the rights to edit and update your personal information. To do so, just log into your Online Casino account.


Please note that we reserve the right to modify, edit, and/or make changes to our Privacy Statements. All modifications will go into effect and become valid from when it is posted. As a customer, it is solely your responsibility to review and understand our Privacy Statement, and we encourage you to check back for updates. If you have any questions or comments about our policies, please feel free to contact us at the following email address: support@Online


We take security very seriously, and have implemented safeguard methods and measures to protect you from unlawful access, the disclosure of personal information, improper use, and any potential loss of data. Not all Online Casino employees that have access to this data, and those that do are required to comply with these policies and to adhere to them.


Online Casino is fully committed to protect minors' security. To that end, we do not-in any way-allow for underage minors to register, play games or take part in any promotion whatsoever. Should we suspect that that an account was unlawfully created by a minor, management will immediately close the account and all personal data will be deleted from our systems. We strongly advocate for parents to check up on the sites that their children visit to ensure that no one is engaged in any illegal activities. Should you have any question, comments or concerns about our security and underage gambling policies, please feel free to contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.